Lawyer Request for Patient Medical Records

All clinical records for patients that have attended Dr. Frobb after January 1, 2006 , have been digitally scanned and are being retained on a secure server for future retrieval (including earlier records for minors as dictated by statutory requirements). These medical records can be requested and obtained if accompanied by the appropriate Patient Consent for Release of Medical Information form which you will be redirected to once you complete the form below.  Please note that the consent form your client was required to complete while attending our office did not give us the authorization to release medical records.

Administrative and certification fees for the reproduction of records, and delivery costs of hard copies to a postal address will apply.

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 On receipt of the appropriate consent form — you will be contacted by email with an attached invoice. Invoices are payable by cheque or money order only, we no longer process payments by Visa or MasterCard. Your clinical records will arrive shortly thereafter by courier to the address that you have specified.